MRS Cloud Connect

Real-time insights and analysis on boat parameters

MRS Cloud Connect offers real-time boat parameter insights, compatible with many MRS products. Simply add an MRS Connected Logger (Wi-Fi or GSM) and integrate with existing sensors, from fuel gauges to RPMs. Monitor data from individual boats or fleets using the Logger. Personalize data preferences, adjust upload intervals, and easily craft a user-centric dashboard. MRS Cloud Connect lets you monitor boat parameters, schedule maintenance, and set alerts for vital metrics, with breaches notified via email.

real time data

Real time data

Read, monitor and analyze data from your boat or a fleet using your MRS Connected Logger!

Personalized data

Personalized data

With your device specific model, enter your data and upload interval!

Ready to use

Ready to use

Create dashboard based on your requirement and needs, quick and easy!

MRS Cloud Connect
Keep an eye on your boat

With MRS Cloud Connect, keep an eye on your boat or a complete fleet to check if the boat parameters are within the specified limits. If required, create the report and schedule a boat maintenance.

Setup an alerts for critical parameters

Setup an alert for critical parameters such as battery, RPM, temperature, pressure or speed. In case of parameter violation, email or SMS notification will besent.

Collect sensor data and display in a dashboard

Collect sensor data and display in a dashboard.

Data report MRS Cloud Connect
Data report

Data report

In case that specific parameter needs to be checked, report create is easy. Just select the start and end date and which data you want to check. Report will be generated quickly.

Geo Fencing

Geo fencing

Create custom Geo fencing borders specific to your company's needs. You can set up alerts in case that boat exits or enters specific boundaries.

Geo Fencing MRS Cloud Connect

Connected Logger Specifications

Operating voltage

  • 9 - 32V
  • Overvoltage protection > 33V
  • Reverse polarity protected


  • 2 x analog input, 1 x RPM input


  • Wi-Fi version
  • GSM/LTE version
  • CAN bus
  • LIN bus (optional)

Temperature range

  • from -40°C to +85°C


  • IP65

Standby mode current

  • 25mA @ 12V

Sleep mode current

  • 0.2mA @ 12V


  • CE, ROHS, ECE R10 057515


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