RGB Lights Controller

Cost-effective solution to change color and brightness of the light

Since people respond cognitively and emotionally to light, colors have very significant effects on our mood and perception of space. That's why we designed this RGB Lights Controller. It is a cost-effective solution that enables you to use standard momentary switches to change color and brightness of the light. 

RGB Lights Controller Solution
  • Voltage and current monitoring
  • Support for RGB(W) lights with separate output for each
  • 9 standard color options are available, these can be changed on customer request (minimum quantity of 10 pcs)
  • Soft start and soft shut-down included
  • Compatible with standard momentary switches, 2 switches are required for best experience, i.e. blinds switch can be easily used, so only single module space is required
  • "MRS Connected Network compatible" via cellular network or Wi-Fi
  • Option to calibrate overcurrent values
  • Hassle-free plug-and-play solution equipped with all the necessary accessories to complete the installation.


  • Short & open circuit protection
  • Overcurrent protection (optional)
  • Current calibration (optional)
  • PWM control (smooth start & finish)
  • Compatible with blind switches
  • Very cost-effective solution
  • Customer-specific requests possible


RGB Lights Controller


Cable Harness

Cable Harness

Connection Diagram


Operating Voltage

  • 9 - 32V
  • Overvoltage protection > 33V
  • Reverse polarity protected


  • 4 x Low Side, 2.5A each @ 40°C
  • 2 x High Side, 5A each @ 40°C
  • Current & Voltage monitoring
  • Overcurrent protection


  • 6 x multi-input

Temperature range

  • from -40°C to +85°C


  • IP53

Standby mode current

  • 30mA @ 12V

Sleep mode current

  • Sleep 0.15mA @ 12V


  • CAN bus, NMEA compatible


  • CE, ROHS, ECE R10 057515


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