Bilge Pump Controller

Control and operate the bilge pump

Designed specifically to control and operate the bilge pump based on the inputs of the main & alarm floats. The system has very low current consumption and wakes up from float or manual/auto button. Many smart features are present such as activation delay, sleep mode, parameter monitoring, etc.

Bilge Pump Controller Solution
  • Easy calibration, no specialized tools or software is required.
  • BPC supports two high current outputs with PWM control. The standard system has single pump output and audible warning device.
  • Plug-and-play solution, BPC has all the necessary accessories from the box, cable harness, audible warning device, fuse connection kit including butt connectors, etc.
  • MRS Connected Network compatible via cellular network or Wi-Fi. With addition of our Connected Logger, the user can be notified via SMS or email that the bilge pump is activated or running for longer than 10 minutes in example.
  • Dual float setup, standard system connects both main & alarm float
  • Current consumption in sleep mode is extremely low, 200uA @ 12V. System wakes up automatically if floats are activated or if manual / auto button is pressed.


  • Short & open circuit protection
  • Overcurrent protection, 160% by default
  • Runtime error, default 600 sec
  • Activation & deactivation delay, default 3 sec
  • Fully compatible with MRS Connected Network
  • Multiple BPC possible on the same network
  • User-friendly calibration
  • PWM control (smooth start & finish)
  • Dual float setup
  • Very low current consumption
  • Very cost-effective solution
  • Customer-specific requests possible



Cable Harness

Cable Harness

Audible Warning Device

Audible Warning Device

Connection Diagram

Connection Diagramm Bilge Pump


Operating voltage

  • 9 - 32V
  • Overvoltage protection > 33V
  • Reverse polarity protected


  • 3 x multi-input


  • 2 x 10A
  • 2 high current outputs, max. 15A @ 40°C
  • max. 10A @ 85°C
  • Current & Voltage monitoring
  • Overcurrent protection

Temperature range

  • from -40°C to +85°C


  • IP65

Standby mode current

  • 25mA @ 12V

Sleep mode current

  • 0.2mA @ 12V


  • CAN bus, NMEA compatible


  • CE, ROHS, ECE R10 057515


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