Control various applications of your boats & yachts

Management and monitoring solutions are becoming increasingly important in the maritime sector. With our robust maritime solutions, you can implement various applications to cost-effectively upgrade and easily optimize existing boats or yachts.

Maritime Solutions

Bilge Pump Controller Solution

Bilge Pump Controller

Designed specifically to control and operate the bilge pump based on the inputs of the main & alarm floats.

RGB Lights Controller Solution

RGB Lights Controller

Cost-effective solution that enables you to use standard momentary switches to change color and brightness of the light.

Wiper & Washer Fluid Controller Solution

Wiper & Washer Fluid Controller

The compact and waterproof Wiper & Washer Fluid Controller is suited for all wiper motors and pumps.

Freshwater Pump Controller Solution

Freshwater Pump Controller

Designed to control and operate the freshwater pump using a high-quality pressure sensor.

Waterproof Products

Controller & Gateways